Program Pop Up Kino#8 Feelings Berlin-Paris

The selected artists for Pop up kino #8, curated by Ana Sanfrutos and Barbara Matas are:

Ghazal Tabandeh & Liana Lessa – Inner Shadow -5“

Manu Jurado – Untripentio –2,30“

Johannes Gérard –Knife – Relations! – 3,20“

Laura Focarazzo –The Uninvited -3,34“

Ricardo Jabardo- COCOLOCO- 0,50“

Gregoire Galperine- Omnipresence– 2,06“

flvz- Cthulhu regio entropy – 1,02“

Perre ajavon- A l’oeil nu— 5,06“

Alonso Valbuena- Alpha male-2,45“

Invited artists

Carlos Espinosa

Markus Kreiss

Staff artists

Bárbara Matas

Irene Cruz+Juan Yuste

David Catá

In collaboration with „El Video en el aula“

The Cycle of videoart “El video en el aula” is presented as an analysis and reflection exercise about the integration of the new audiovisual practices (videoart especially) in the current educational sphere in Spain, through the discourses that generate the most outstanding works of each university that takes part in the project. The project has been celebrated in three editions biannually, from 2011 to 2015, and it is composed of a videoart cycle and an itinerant exhibition that has been showed in several Spanish museums, universities and Art foundations. El video en el aula” collaborates with Pop Up Kino Festival, with a curated program titled “Identities”, result of the third edition of the project, celebrated on March, 2015 in Seville (Spain)

Identities curated by Mariana Hormaechea

It is relevant to mention that in the process of the analytical curatorial work on the latest edition of “El vídeo en el aula”, it has been remarkable the coincidence of concerns, interests and looks from women videoartists. “Identities” expects to emphasize the trend that is deduced from the works that took part in the third edition of the project, in which artists work to delve into aspects related with Identity, otherness, the body and other difficulties that emerge from the contemporary society. 

“Identities” (13’77’’) – Untitled, 39’’, Lidia Porras Ruiz – Autre, 2’11’’, Lola Bread – Indentidad Nómada, 2’19’’, Melanie Navarro – Identidades, 1’20’’, Ohiana Cordero Rodríguez – Lo bueno, lo feo y lo malo, 3’34’’, Lorena Esteso Serrano – Cuerpos Fragmentados, 4’54’’, Cristina Alarcón

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