Pop Up Kino #8 Videoart Night in Berlin and París

The Pop up Kino Festival is focus in Videoart open the call for the recepción of proposals until 31h of december . The topic of this edition is Feelings.

The festival is is taking place the 16th of January 2016. It is going be at the same time in “Kleiner Salon” in Berlin and “American University of París (AUP)”, where the winning works are going to be screened. The curators of this edition are Ana Sanfrutos y Bárbara Matas.

One of the novelties in this edition is the collaboration with the online gallery Virtual Gallery, Who is hosting the contest and will award to the authors of the selected videos being “VG Pick” in VirtualGallery.com, enjoying a premium account for free.


Feelings are an essential part of human beings. But they have always been a source of conflict, for the inability to find a suitable tool to express them.

In our quest for ways to express themselves, we find art. Already in romanticism it was made clear that what distinguishes the artist from the common man is not his ability or expertise, but the intensity of his feelings; and this intensity is the only really value.

So we invite videoartists to explore the unstable territories of feelings, discussing new social, political, cultural, and aesthetic constellations, and to show us possible new languages or vocabularies to express everything we feel.

About Pop Up Kino

Pop Up Kino Festival is an international event organized by Grundkreuz Project which has been celebrated simultaneously in several cities worldwide.

It was created to place videoart in the artistic scene in Berlin, and to give artists and creators around the world the opportunity to show their work.

Celebrating its 8th edition, it has already been held in cities such as Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York, Castellón, Berlín… and now, in Paris.



The participant works must comply with these conditions:

The video will have a max length of 5 minutes.

The video must have subtitles in English if it is in different language.

Only one video per artist allowed.

Each participant will first upload the work to VIMEO (in “public mode”), to later include it in his VirtualGallery.com gallery. Check out our help on how to upload videos.

When creating an account at VirtualGallery, aspirants must fill out the field “Currículum” with their artistic bio.

When uploading the video they must include the “year of creation” and a “Description” of it.

The curators of this edition, will select a total of 9 works, which will be projected the next January 16th in the Kleiner Salon Berlín and the American University of París (AUP).

The authors of the selected videos will become “VG Pick” in VirtualGallery.com, enjoying a premium account for free, and showing up on works and gallery searches with this quality filter, guaranteed by the site curatiors.

Carlos espinosa_Adios

Relevant info:

Open Call: From Dec 3rd to Dec 31st at 23:59:59 h., 2015 (UTC+01:00)

Announcement of winners of the Open Call: Jan 8th, 2016.

Deadline for winners to send the original file: Jan 8th to Jan 13th, 2016.

Event: projection on Jan 16th at 18:30h. (UTC+01:00)

More information:





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