Art editions

Blumen – Irene Cruz




128 Pages

A5 Format

Photography + poetry

Photography: Irene Cruz / Poetry: Several authors

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Swedish, Korean, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian.

Edition 100 exemplars

Blumen is the first Photobook created by Irene Cruz.

She works barefooted in a figurative sense, because of her appetite for risk and her constant necessity of taking on new and surprising challenges, as the one that we could see in this appetizing book. A book which encodes “brainy” photography diptychs, in which Irene reflects her “heart-feel” landscapes, and then she puts both of them face to face- within a thrilling expresionist dialogue- with the pictures of her most beloved friends, dressing their own clothes, hiding their faces and their identities in order to become genuine photographic vital doubles…

However, the visual poetry that Irene’s work unveiled remained in time and in space. This game encoded so much literature that it appears that making use of the word was needed. Firstly, it was a friend who once again lighted the fire of words. Later on, the friend of a friend also wanted to join the game too. Then Gloria, Sara’s grandmother. After that, people who answered her cry for help trough social networks with their poems. People from far and near, who shared this passion, who got captured by Irene’s pictures; they made the visual message of their own turning it into words. Just as Irene’s models turned into Irene herself: and just as Irene turned into each one of her models, words turned into pictures and pictures tore in words and rhythms. Spanish, English, French, Italian and even Korean. Even in ten languages. Because poetry is neither in the meaning nor in the intellect, but in passion and feelings.  (Text by Eduardo Rodríguez Merchan – Professor at the Complutense University – Madrid)

Book presentations + book signings:

1. Art Madrid Art Fair – February 2014

2. Jääl Photo – February 2014

3. Complutese University Madrid – Department of Philology – April 2014

4. Plural – Photobook Day – EFTI Photography School. April 2014

5. Art Photo Bcn. Photography Art Fair. May 2014

6. PHotoespaña Photography Festival – La Fábrica (Book shop) June 2014

7. Berliner Liste – Berlin Art Week. September 2014

Paper Memory – María Trillo

portadaArtwork Catalogue

Edition of 40 Exemplars

Paper memory is the dialogue that arises between our private space and the outside world. It’s a place where time unfolds, 

goes astray and finds itself once again. Made up of short stories of 3 to 5 images that together form part of one same project, 

from which I can muse on the impermanence of living beings, spaces, objects and the mark they leave behind in one’s memory.

Irene-cruz-fanzine-portadaWhat dreams are made of – Irene Cruz


4 Numbers/ Year (every 3 months)


Photography + philosophy + poetry

Languages: Spanish and English.


Edition 100 exemplars per Fanzine.

32 Pages per Fanzine.

First: September 2014

What Dreams are made of contains little photographic series that illustrate stories and reflexions of life. Poems and translation by Sara Bounajm. Photography by Irene Cruz.